Something To Think About!

I still don’t know why some people are still obsessed about what happened with a famous celebrity who committed suicide. Sure, death of a young actor is indeed painful to hear about, but now, it is becoming too much. Why is it that people are more interested in knowing what happened to Sushant Singh Rajput or Deepika Padukone instead of knowing what happened to a 19-year old girl who was gang-raped by four people in Hathras? Why is it that our government has all the data about the drug case but don’t have any about the number of farmers who were killed in the Farmer Bills Protest? Why do all the stupid news channels only talk about Sara Ali Khan and Karan Johar instead of showing the state of people affected by the Bihar Floods? What about the migrant workers who got killed on railway lines? Only one news report, that’s it? Why does our media only focus on how many followers actors have got on their Instagram accounts rather than showing us about what happened to the little 2-month old who was raped by her own uncle earlier this year? What about the 100-year old woman who was brutally raped and murdered last year? Our media, government and some stupid people have time to think about Sushant Singh Rajput and Alia Bhatt, but don’t have any time to think about these extremely important issues? Why does the police force suddenly become so active when investigating about SSR and the drug case, and suddenly lose it while investigating about serious crimes like rape and murder? Something for us to think about!

We talk about equality all the time. But I don’t think this is what equality is. The country in which Ambanis and Tatas are paid more attention to, rather than the poor and vulnerable, is not really a country with equality, is it? Again, something for us to think about!

What beats me is the fact that some people have the truth right in front of them, but justify it by giving their own foolish reasons. They unashamedly worship our ministers and make a complete fool of themselves. Some people even justify the present by what happened some 200 years ago! Completely crazy. I am even surprised by the fact that people who call themselves “educated” and “literate” are mostly the foolish worshippers. They may be educated, but they surely aren’t correctly enlightened. Enlightened and logical people are currently the need of the hour.

Author: Somedatta Sengupta

Gender: Female Profession:Blogging Age:13 Occupation:Student

22 thoughts on “Something To Think About!”

  1. I totally agree with you, Somedatta. Everyone dies. Death is inevitable. There are people dying from COVID 19 all over the world. Someone who really values life will value all of them.. not just of stars.

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  2. Absolutely right, I agree. I’ve stopped paying attention to most of these ‘best news channel’ and ‘India’s Top news channel’ sprouting bunch of nonsense. Nothing of real news/info is covered, and they make a hill out of a mole, more often than not. 😔

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  3. The media only shows what’s going to give them more ratings. Government focus more on things that will benefit them. It’s a cruel ‘game’ to them that they are very well trained to play.

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  4. See it’s all about TRP. I won’t completely blame the media here. In reality it is us. We want drama, we enjoy drama, we like gossip and that’s what they serve.

    If citizens of a country have brains, they’ll not watch such things. Moreover, will condemn and boycott such news channels in the first instance itself. Did it happen? No, coz it served what INDIANS enjoy the most – GOSSIP.

    India is a gossip country but don’t want to accept it. Ask any neighbour whether male or female, they’d know what’s cooking up in someone’s house but ask them anything else, they say, we don’t have time for all this.

    If we stop paying heed to these nuisance, it’ll automatically stop. News channels need to run their business and they’ll only cater to what the customers ask for.

    More the demand, higher the supply.

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