A Small Try at Writing Some Poems…..

I had a small hat which was black and tall
It was not pretty at all
But I still have to wear it.
Truth is sour but I admit
That I did not have any hair at all!!

“What is a Limerick?”I asked my mom
Mum said, “I really don’t know Tom.”
“What’s a Limerick? ” I ask Jane
Who has to catch a train
Jane says “Poem as funny as Friends sitcom! “

The thing we must ask ourselves is
Is there anyone nice as Miss Fernandes?
I think about it for hours
I go asking from bours to bours
“Nobody’s nicer! ” everyone says!

There was a blue bird
She had three tiny babies
She lived in a tree

Friends are very nice
They stay with us like shadows
And wash pain like rain!

The ocean lies just here
It’s really nice and cool
Let’s just have a swim

Author: Somedatta Sengupta

Gender: Female Profession:Blogging Age:13 Occupation:Student

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